Sitting in Our Tree

Cherry Blossoms! | 2018

Kelsey Bethune

I'm being told that these photos were taken on April 9th, & HOW is that even possible. I've once again dropped off the blogosphere... Truly, inexplicably. You would think that having a child would mean more pressure to blog his life, but here we are! 5 days after our trip to the cherry blossoms, Crew turned one, & I think I subconsciously allowed myself to chill.the.freak.out with the life documenting since then. There are still three books left to design & order in my monthly documentation of his first year of life, & I'm JUST now mustering up the energy to work on them.

I digress.

It was a very VERY different trip to the cherry blossoms this year. Last year, it was hot & I was 543 months pregnant. This year, it was cold & we were chasing around a nearly one year old. It was questionable as to whether the blossoms would even bloom with the crazy winter/spring we had, but they bloomed just in time for Jared's weekend. We didn't have a TON of energy & the cold temperatures were begging us to stay home... But I couldn't bear to skip Crew's very 1st cherry blossom season. Our little DC babe - Gotta start 'em young!


Gosh, we all already look so different. Alright, next up, Crew's 1st Birthday!