Sitting in Our Tree

Oh, baby.

Kelsey Bethune


It has certainly been a hot minute. I have been staggeringly behind in photo organizing & memory sharing for aboutttttttt… 18 months now, & I truly don’t even know where to begin. But I DO want to begin.

As I near the final lap of this 2nd pregnancy (surprise!), I find myself going back to my own old posts to refresh my memory on what to pack for the hospital, what things we found the most useful in those bleary newborn days, & how freaking cute our roly poly Crew was when I start hyperventilating a bit about adding another baby/disrupting our current lives & routines. It helps. So, at least I am benefitting from my own blog *shrug*.

At any rate, for the 2000th time, I’d like to say “I’ll be back” with some updated baby things to share, because WOW did the baby market change between 2017 & 2019. Lots of new things to try out & share.

So hey! & I’ll be back!