Sitting in Our Tree

4th of July | 2017

-Kelsey BethuneComment

We hopped down to my parents' for 4th of July festivities this year, made extra fun by our besties, the Coulombs, now living in the same area. They had their baby boy Cohen about a month ago, so he was only about two weeks in these photos. Fresh little baby goodness! Crew & Cohen were SUPPOSED to be a whole three months apart, but with Crew arriving two weeks late & Cohen arriving two weeks early, they closed the gap to be only two months apart. It's so crazy how big the age gap seems now, but how these two will be essentially the same age the rest of their lives. Thick as thieves, I'm sure. It's a true blessing to be able to encounter parenting in all of its wonderful, surprising & tough moments alongside Amelia & Andrew. (& no, that wasn't planned out in advance, but we're sure glad it worked out the way it did.)

Also pictured are my sister's three kids, who keep us all busy & entertained. Pool days in mom & dad's backyard sure have change since high school... A bit more of a workout now! (A workout I'd choose over a gym any day.) Holidays with these little ones are so FUN, especially when you add in Jared's 4th of July cocktail. I challenged him to make a red, white & blue drink & he sure did deliver. Whatta mighty fine man.

Aside from Easter (spent in the hospital, boooo), this is our second major holiday as a family of three & I just loved it so much. Any extra time I get with my two men & rice krispy treats is a dream come true.