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a very bethune christmas mix | 2017

christmasKelsey Bethune

Alright, while I somehow found an additional 3 hrs of Christmas music for this year's playlist, I DO feel like the selection is getting odder. Just a fair warning. I'm not mad, but I will say that 2015's playlist is still my favorite child, so feel free to revisit playlists of Christmas' past.

My heart flutters reading last year's playlist post about how he was kicking me in the bladder this time last year. WHAT A YEAR. I am so so glad he is earthside this year. Christmas has an added level of magic knowing that it's my baby boy's first time experiencing it all. We started listening to Christmas music extra early this year because Crew has SO MANY SONGS TO HEAR FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Thank goodness his mother has 13 hours of playlists built up

Enjoy, friends!

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