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baby in a pumpkin patch + hi!

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Hi blog world! It has been a hot minute. I have such a back up of posts I *still* need to write, & the time finally feels right to dive back in! July & August got pretty intense with a huge wedding I had with Tart Event Co. - A wedding that predated babies & required nearly all of our attention & energy, with the rest going straight to baby & husband. Then, quite frankly, it took all of September to sort of relax, regroup & reengage with my little family. October has been filled with travel & puppies & my birthday & most recently, our 7th wedding anniversary. So, things have been busy, but I unapologetically just didn't prioritize spending too much time here -- I've spent my days receiving the most slobbery kisses from my baby & my evenings soaking up time (& adult conversation, a respite after a day with a non-verbal baby) with my babe of a husband. It was a good summer/early fall.It's so crazy to look back at my last post over 4th of July & see how big our little bear has gotten! Crew's development has been incredible to watch this past month, with his independence & capabilities growing stronger every day. It's been way harder for me to register his newfound autonomy than it has for him to flex his little-human capabilities, but when I finally take a step back & listen to what he's telling me, I realize things like... He can play by himself on the floor for 30 minutes. He's ready for bed by 6:15pm. He enjoys napping in his own room. I'm not quite at the point that my heart breaks over my tiny baby getting older -- Honestly, most days, I'm over the moon about these little leaps and bounds of his aptitude & abilities, since the... Is paralysis too strong a word? of the newborn months is still rather fresh in my mind. But he's half a year old, & I'm sure the my-baby-is-growing-up heartache will begin soon enough.ANYWAYS, that's a lot of mom talk. I have so, SO many photos that I need to share, which I am forever putting off because there's is nearly always a monthly photo book I need to be assembling. Time, you thief. But this is a start!Crew got to visit TWO pumpkin patches when I took him back to my parents for a weekend while Jared went on his annual camping trip. His mind was pretty much blown -  I could hardly get him to look up at the camera, even after enlisting Poppy's help. Watching him experience new things, textures & places is just the best. He has the best little mind. With Halloween around the corner (& you better hold onto your butts for how cute a certain someone's costume is), the holidays are NEARLY here & I just can't wait to share it with our little family. Babies & Christmas? It's basically my lifelong dream come true. For now, I will soak up these photos of my 23 week old baby, as he tried his hardest to comprehend the wonderland of round orange objects that mom let him sit amongst ALL by himself. His chubby little nearly-6-month-old hands trying to touch as many pumpkins as possible at one time, as if they'd disappear if he took his hands off him. His squinty eyes trying so hard to peek up at his beckoning mama, "Crew! Crew! Smile!" with the bright grey sky behind my head, glancing quickly away with the most delighted smirk on his face, like he was getting away with something & couldn't believe his luck. The smell of outside lingering on his fine little duckling hairs when I picked him up & pulled his face to mine, & his chunky cheeks being so much colder than the rest of his warm body as I held him close. Brushing his diapered booty off, & thinking this is a first of many times that I'll brush grass & dirt off his little legs, or wipe dirt from his tightly fisted hands. Where do you store these mama moments? How do you keep them all fresh & close to your heart, ripe for reminiscing when he goes to bed too early or is suddenly 3, 13, 23 years old? I know there isn't any answer, but I sure am glad to at least have a blog to put away some of these moments.