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Crew's 1st Birthday

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Now that we have a thriving 14-month-old boy, I'm finally sharing his 1st birthday! 

I had every intention of keeping his 1st birthday insanely minimal. No "party" because I knew I'd get too crazy/spend too much money on it. The grand plan was to head down to our hometown where both our parents & our best friends live, & head to the beach for a little picnic. The weather was showing rain in the forecast, but I simply refused to believe it. Southern VA's rain forecast is a fickle thing 9/10 times. 

Well. Not that time.

I waited until the very last second & Jared very wisely helped me make the call to turn our picnic into a little soiree. We rallied & grabbed some balloons before rearranging my parents' very picturesque back porch, & my non-party turned into a party, indeed.

BUT. It was so much fun, & the fact that it was a last minute plan kept me from stressing out too much & making it a "thing." We were so grateful to have friends & family join us to eat Crew's favorite foods (a fruit salad of his favorite fruits, chicken salad on croissants & of course, Trader Joe's bamba for the babies), & bring such sweet gifts - In some cases, literally, as my friend Amelia made him the beautiful blueberry & banana sugar free cake that you'll see below.

Crew was honestly just delighted the whole day. Flipping through these pictures, I'm just tickled at the memory of how happy he was on his 1st birthday. He was a month into walking, so he debuted a new dance move at the end of his party & definitely put on a little show while eating his cake. We'd be practicing blowing out candles & he had it down at home, but he was WAY too distracted by the singing when the moment arrived. Pretty darling.

All in all, it downpoured nearly the entire afternoon, but we had such a lovely time on the back porch with some of our nearests & dearests.


I simply can't believe STILL that we have a one-year-old. Or rather, I can't believe how many things happened in 12 months, & we not only survived but THRIVED through them all. He is seriously just the best little boy. Everything we've prayed over him since I was pregnant has been starting to show through in his spirit as he gets older - Kindness, empathy, sweetness, silliness. He is truly our best thing & an absolute blessing to everyone he meets. 

Love that kid.