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Crew Stedman Bethune

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He's here, he's here!

Last Friday, April 14th, we welcomed our SON, Crew Stedman Bethune with wide open arms at 1:43pm. Arriving on the 42 week mark (WHEW), he was a much bigger baby than anyone could have guessed (over 9 lbs!), when my midwives had been predicting a 7, MAAAYBE 8 lb. baby. We are so, so overjoyed to see this sweet face & meet the little one that we feel like we already know so well. He is such a little sweetheart, & mama & papa are already completely wrapped around his tiny fingers.

We're also overjoyed to be out of the hospital & slowly figuring life out at home with Crew. He is an absolute dream come true, & we honestly can't believe we get to keep him. His face is just the best thing I've ever laid my eyes on, & getting the "mama" look from him honestly fills my heart till it bursts, over and over again. He loves staring at Jared's face, & we're figuring out breastfeeding at a seemingly great pace. Jared has a couple more days left at home with us, & even though his paternity leave has flown by WAY too fast, I'm SO grateful he had time off at all as we navigate this new way of life.

nursing dress: Loyal Hana

I can't believe he's finally here. I have so, so many posts to share with you but we're taking our time & soaking up these newborn days as much as we can. Thank you for the well wishes! I'll be back with 48237987234 photos from now till forever. He's just really cute.