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Sleeping Soundly with Dockatot

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An undeniable perk to having a 1) overdue & 2) BIG baby is his love for sleep. It's sort of like we brought a teenage boy home from the hospital. We've so far only had three nights that were somewhat restless (thanks a lot, newborn gas), with Crew typically sleeping a solid 6 hour stretch since we brought him home. I'm sort of scared to be putting this in writing because I think Jared & I are both waiting for the other shoe to drop & for true sleepless nights to begin, but maybe he's just saving that for his four month sleep regression ;)

This child loooooves to sleep & we've been so grateful to have our DockATot lounger as a co-sleeping arrangement since Day 1. We are currently using the Deluxe size, which is perfect for his tiny body right now & keeps him nice & snug all night. During the day, he likes to be free to flail in his crib or moses basket, but after a good midnight feeding, he usually passes out in mama's arms, & the transition from mama to the cushion of the DockATot is *usually* seamless. This was such a perfect co-sleeping solution for us, as we are able to keep him close, but with a safety barrier of the cushion between us. The 100% cotton, handmade material of the dock is also super breathable, which puts our new-parent hearts at ease since even though he's not waking up all night, one of us is constantly checking to make sure he's okay, still breathing, etc. ;)

I've started integrating the DockATot into his daytime naps, using it as more of a lounger option so that he stays adjusted to hanging out in the dock as a resting place.We took a trip to the beach with my family earlier this month & we were so grateful to have the DockATot make the trip with us - He was none the wiser that we were in a new place for his bedtime routine, since he had the same feel & smell of his own bed. We even took the dock down to the beach a couple days & were able to stay on the shore for 6+ hours one day!

We're so grateful to our sweet boy for being a great sleeper, & I'm so glad he loves his DockATot. Keeping mama & papa sane one night at a time.

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