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Dressing the Bump - 28 Weeks

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turtleneck: Old Navy | maternity jeans: Madewell | oxford: Madewell

Happy third trimester to us! Also, happy this-apartment-is-big-enough-to-stay-inside-for-outfit-photos to me & my trusty photographer that was almost late for work because of me!

I can't believe the words "third trimester" apply to me & this bump. I fell asleep to baby hiccups last night & woke up to a bouncing baby this morning (at 4am, but that's fine), & realized I can already barely remember what it was like to just barely be able to feel movement back on our anniversary trip, laying on my stomach to apply pressure to feel the tiniest flutters. I can also barely remember what it was like to lay on my stomach.

In celebration of entering the 7th month of pregnancy, I thought I'd share some fun facts about this little journey, mostly for Future Kelsey, & the rest for those of you who aren't sick of reading the words "bump," "baby," & "pregnancy" coming from me.

  • This baby was a surprise. If you had asked me about babies any time in 2016 leading up to August 4th, I would have said, "We think we might maybe start trying next year possibly maybe. Maybe." Of course, the timing has been perfect & God knew it had to be a surprise or else I never would have thought the stars were aligned just perfectly enough.
  • Ask me sometime about my experience purchasing my first pregnancy test ever. It's a good one, involving expensive paper towels and the nosiest CVS cashier ever, because of course.
  • I got to plot all day while I was at my part time job about how to tell Jared about the baby. Longest day EVER. I ended up leaving post its from our mailbox, up the stairs to our front door that started with "Jared & Kelsey, sitting in a tree..." & ending with "then comes..." on our front door. I still can't watch the video I secretly took of him opening the door without weeping. It was a great day.
  • If baby's birth date is in fact in April, it will be the first April baby on either side of our immediate families.
  • Oooo. Remember that part that I was like, "YEAH, we're for SURE gonna tell you what the baby is once I figure out how!" a few posts back? I lied. We told just enough people the baby's gender to decide we didn't like telling people. It's always been our plan to keep our babies' gender a surprise until they're born, but I thought it would be really hard to keep it to ourselves after how hard it was to not tell people I was pregnant. Turns out, it's really not that hard to refer to the baby as... the baby.
  • I've been very lucky with pregnancy symptoms, with fatigue being the real killer 1st trimester (like, asleep on the couch for the night at 7pm) & headaches following me around in 2nd trimester. I had soooome nausea between weeks 8-12, which really only snuck up if I didn't eat often enough. Heartburn is my current plague, with things like, oh you know, granola bars, bread &, I'm not kidding you, a cup of ice setting it off. Super great. My hair has definitely seemed greasier during pregnancy (a fact I had to prove to myself by cutting faux bangs) & my skin has been way more dramatic than ever, which they say to expect if you usually have well-behaved skin. I did find out recently that I am, in fact, NOT genetically predisposed to stretch marks, so fingers crossed...
  • I've so far had two cravings: Fresh pineapple & cauliflower. Both lasted about a week, but I can still go for either of those things at any time of day. Seriously, any time.
  • On the other hand, I haven't been able to eat corn tortillas, pulled pork or cilantro since I was about 6 weeks pregnant, when I assumed I could eat our staple meal of homemade carnitas tacos with Jared & his sister & found out two bites in that it was a no go. Jared's heart is broken, but I'm SURE I'll come back around to them. Probably.
  • A fall/winter pregnancy has been lovely, though wearing jeans while sitting & pregnant is a special form of torture.
  • Gush Alert: If you know him, this won't surprise you, but I can't even find the words to describe how incredible Jared has been throughout this entire pregnancy. He's 15 steps ahead of me at all times, & has somehow managed to make up for my lack of energy/mental capacity/strength by 100x. It's been a truly amazing thing to witness him become a dad, even in these months leading up to sleepless nights & newborn snuggles.

I'm sure there are more fun facts, but the one thing I didn't mention is the pregnancy brain that is hitting me HARD. I forgot my wallet when I went to the grocery store the other night, & yesterday had to google search "guest for gifts at wedding" because I could not think of the words "wedding favors" on my own. & I'm a wedding planner. So. There's that.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

xx, kelsey