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dressing the bump - 30 weeks

dressing the bump, pregnancyKelsey BethuneComment

beanie: jared's (Zara) | coat: H&M (similar)| maternity denim: H&M | shoes: Vans via Madewell

GREAT NEWS: thus far, I have yet to buy a single maternity item at full price.  Going into a cold weather pregnancy, I was super nervous that my wardrobe was going to get pricey, since I couldn't just rely on the flowy dresses of spring/summer pregnancies. Turns out, maternity clothes are perpetually on sale, if you're paying attention.This makes sense to me since seasons are fleeting in both temperature and styles, so I'm sure stores have to keep new product continually moving. FYI for any other DC locals, I was told that H&M stores in the District do not stock maternity items except for online returns, which are almost exclusively then placed on the sales rack. I've found two (of my four) pairs of maternity jeans on the sales rack at the H&M in Georgetown, both times at least $10 cheaper than the online sale price. Let your inner scavenger shine, mamas. Otherwise, the stores in VA do carry maternity, if you ever find yourself at Tyson's, etc.

Otherwise, while I'm normally SO ANNOYED when spring clothing starts showing up in January, I was banking on it this year, since my ever-growing tum officially outgrew my winter coat's zipper. I thought for a minute that I could get away with just wearing my coat open with a blanket scarf, & I do!, but all it took was one windy, frigid day & I knew I needed something that I could zip during my commutes around the city. Thankfully, since I can always rely on H&M's shoulder/sleeve to body/waist ratio to be completely off, I was able to find a coat 5 sizes up from what I usually wear, marked down to 70% off its original price. The sleeves are a little large & long, much to my clothier husband's chagrin, but it's otherwise everything I need. It comfortably zips now, so fingers crossed we can get through February together.

All in all, I feel like my pregnancy wardrobe is pretty well rounded now. With a final purchase of $20 H&M distressed blue denim, my actual "maternity" purchases have been limited to just pants & leggings. My shirts & dresses have mostly been items I already owned or purchased with pre & post natal fit in mind. Once I get a little bigger, I'll report back with full list of my pregnancy wardrobe. Someone wants to read that, right?

So, there's my little 30 week check-in! We have our maternity photos next week, & after that, I've given the bump permission to get as large & in charge as it wants. But until Tuesday, a manageable sized bump & some warm-ish January weather is aaaaaall I'm asking for.