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Halloween 2017

halloweenKelsey BethuneComment

"Dress up like Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Ellie Sattler, & velociraptor baby" has literally been on our shared calendar since last year, when I, barely pregnant, suddenly realized that my dream family costume could finally become a reality in 2017. I love Jurassic Park with all my heart (I even like The Lost World), so I've been plotting this for a few... years. Decades? Years. Now, I'd love to say that I handcrafted this costume, especially since they apparently don't make velociraptor costumes for babies? Causing us to settle on a dinosaur costume... But crafting in the city is harrdddddd. So or whatever it was, for the win! (It's this costume from Target, but it was cheaper on the other site.) I already know I'm going to have to craft Crew's costume for next year from scratch, so I cut myself a little break.


Yes, we already have next year's costumes planned. Turns out, having a kid makes Halloween way more fun? Jared's inner musical theatre kid loves it, & now that Crew's around to play with dress up, I'm extra motivated.


Let's just quickly gloss over my celebrity crush on Jeff Goldblum & how this was another dream come true to get Jared dressed up as him. I have to make sure you know how agonized he was over not having a solution for Jeff's curly hair and not owning bootcut 90's dad jeans... He's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to costumes (again, hi musical theatre), but I think he got the job done. AAAANYWAYS. Giant huge shout out to my mother-in-law, who's incredible costuming collection once again saves the day. Not everyone can say that they had an Emmy nominated costume designer help them assemble their Halloween costumes. *hair flip* Also a giant thank you to my sister Lissy for snapping these photos - What would we do without our life photographer?

I'm off to go figure out how to keep myself from dressing Crew up in a dinosaur costume every day until next year. Happy Halloween!