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img_8026dress: Forever 21 | boots: Madewell | hat: Biltmore

Whoo! Things really don't ever actually slow down. Is that some revelation I was supposed to have had a lot sooner as an adult? I'm still processing that the busiest part of my November has already come & gone, so I definitely haven't gotten to the part where I realize that Thanksgiving is next week. NEXT WEEK.

First up, baby things: Speaking of time passing, I'm somehow halfway through this pregnancy? Like... What? We've had some pretty big moments recently, from finding out the baby's gender to Jared feeling the baby move for the first time. (To answer the burning question, we will be revealing the baby's sex at some point, we're just really trying to figure out how to do so without using pastel pink or blue. It's amazing how difficult it has already proven to be to avoid the stereotypical gendered colors. But I'll just go ahead & put it out there that this baby is NEUTRAL FOR DAYS/ALL THE GREY & WHITE. /end rant)

Our anatomy ultrasound was truly incredible... Seeing how big the baby has grown since the last time we saw it at 10 weeks was more surprising than finding out the gender, honestly. We were also given a 3D photo of the baby's face, & immediately transformed into the parents that believe with every ounce of their being that they have the most beautiful baby in the world. It was practically instantaneous. We keep showing the photo to people, who try really hard to see what we're seeing, then smile & agree with us while we beam at our cloudy 1st baby picture. It was literally less than 6 months ago that ultrasound photos meant nothing to me, but surpriiiiise! When it's your own baby, those images are the most precious thing you own.

But seriously, I'm pretty sure the baby has my nose.

Next up, other major life changes: Having a baby in four months (omgggg) has been a catalyst for some other pretty major life changes for the two of us. When we first moved to DC, Jared saw our current apartment for all of 2 minutes before we had to sign a lease, & I saw it for the first time the day we moved in. "12 months, just 12 months" was our mantra, as we tried to finagle our life into 580 sq. ft of space. 12 months definitely turned into 24, as it goes, but we are finally moving three days after Christmas. SO grateful for our new space, even if we are saying goodbye to the best DC neighborhood, & our dishwasher. Okay, & also central air & our own washer/dryer. But SPACE. There is SO MUCH SPACE. & the tiniest, most adorable nursery in the world. Can. Not. Wait.

We also took the giant / major / terrifying step of me quitting my part time job to focus solely on Tart, this blog & the impending bébé. Tart is definitely at the point that we can only grow more if we are putting more into it, & taking the step off that cliff has been a scary but necessary next move that we've known was coming. I'm excited to see what happens, & prayerfully hoping that I don't drown in stress when an extreme upswing of business doesn't happen overnight. I've started slipping into "WHAT AM I DOING??!" madness a couple of times, but then I remember last week, when we had a styled shoot, a wedding, new website deadlines & holiday event prep that there seriously were not enough hours in the week to handle. Having unadulterated time to concentrate on the business is going to be good. It's going to be great. Being able to own our own company while also having families has been a dream for Amelia & I since Day 1, so this is just Step 2 in dream realization.

Organizing my time is going to be a major process for me, since I'm so used to giving up entire days to my part time gig, but I'm excited for this next phase. It's been a loooong time coming... & with Jared's help, I've now fulfilled my promise to myself to not work retail this holiday season. *high kick/fist pump*

I'm taking a celebratory day trip to NYC with my baby sister tomorrow, so I'm off to make sure the snacks are packed, the external phone charger is ready to go & the itinerary is all set. I'll be back soon with some more baby updates, bumpin' style posts (from a real camera), our Seattle city guide & moments from Thanksgiving weekend!

Happy weekend!