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It's that time of year! If you've been following along with us for the past ummmm, 6 years, you're aware that we take our Christmas cards pretty darn seriously. I will never tire of this tradition, & hopefully none of our recipients do either... It's just my favorite thing to once a year -- Slow down long enough to track down everyone's current addresses, buy postage, & lick envelopes. We've had some extra opportunities to send snail mail this year with a bazillion thank you cards going out for all the help & gifts we received upon baby's arrival, but Christmas cards still take the cake.

This year's cards were extra important, as we have been anticipating the year that we finally add a baby to our cards since maybe before we were married. The stakes were high. We were in good hands, though, as it is seriously an honor to be partnering with Artifact Uprising for this year's cards. (& hey! Use our code "KB20" for 20% off your holiday card order through this Friday, 12/8!)

The hard part? Picking a design. Holy moley. With artist collaborations from some of my favorite Instagram hand letterers (like Eva Black & Chelsea Peteja), their selection of 80+ cards is only hard to choose from because you really can't go wrong. We mostly just love that it's aaaall clean, minimal designs, recycled paper, & classy foil options without having to filter a hundred other styles out. While their Christmas collection is divine, they've also got you covered with their holiday assortment if post-Christmas is more your speed. Ultimately, we decided to go with their Merry! Handlettered Holiday Card as an appropriate follow up to last year's card. (That I designed, thank you very much -- Happy to hand over the reigns to AU this year. Phew!)

The best part? That envelope addressing service. Artifact Uprising debuted this service this year & once you partake. you'll never look back. Collecting addresses from our friends & family members that, like us, seem to move every other year or so is enough of a task. Popping those addresses into a spreadsheet & hitting upload is one of my new favorite holiday traditions. 

& so another year, another batch of made-with-love cards in the mail to all of our favorite people. 2017's is definitely, without a doubt, our favorite card, & we are so filled with joy that this year, that sweet baby boy is front & center. It is truly an absolute dream come true.

(Psst! Don't forget to place your holiday card order from Artifact Uprising using our code "KB20" for 20% off by this Friday, 12/8!)

(An extra ps. You can read some of my styling tips for family photos over on Style Refined!)

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