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On Your 1st Father's Day

babyKelsey BethuneComment

I can honestly say that I have known you will be an incredible father from the very first months of calling you mine. Your gentle nature, loving touch, & tender heart that have been my constants for eleven years are now shared with our son. You are his safe place, his comfort, his protection. You have kissed his smile and kissed his tears. You've tended to his every need, while quietly and humbly providing for me and anticipating anything I could possibly require. In the months leading up to Crew's arrival, you hustled and worked so hard to ease my pain and stress, while helping me create a perfect environment to bring our babe home to. In my hours and hours of labor, you held me, encouraged me, & stayed strong when I was so weak. When our son's arrival didn't go according to plan, you brought me calm & peace, & helped me focus on bringing him into the world regardless of the circumstance. In my weeks of adjustment & healing, you cared for me, nourished me, & comforted me as I navigated feeding our new little human. Step for step, we have taken on parenthood together, & I could honestly not do a single day without you. You are selfless, & I admire you so.Crew has it made. I know you will teach him gentleness & resourcefulness. You will teach him how to build things, how to care for things & how to anticipate the needs of others. He will see your love, your compassion, & your optimism. He will love your laugh, your face, & your hugs. I can't wait to watch him watch you. He will be an incredible man, because he can be nothing less with you as his role model, teacher & friend.I want you to know that I see you. I see the renewed energy in your eyes when you get home after your 10 hour work day, ready to spend your last waking hours caring for our child to give me a break. I see the flicker in your eyes as you anticipate the next 24 hours of what I might need, when my mom brain tries its hardest to lock us out of the apartment. I see the love in your eyes when our son wakes up in the morning & blinks his first blinks of the day, stretching the little chubby arms & legs that we made. I see the pride in your eyes when he nearly laughs or imitates our faces or holds your finger extra tight. I see the determination in your eyes as you research diaper wipes or sleep training or baby milestones. I see the bliss in your eyes when you soak in the quiet moments of me holding him in the morning, as you tell me every time that you have never been happier. I also already see Crew light up when he sees your face or hears your voice. He loves you so much.

You don't seek thanks or gratitude, and sure, we're in this together. But you, my love, exceed all expectations. And for that I am grateful. I am grateful you're in my life, I am grateful that we share such big love, I am grateful my son has you as a father, & I am grateful that this is the first of many Father Days surrounded by two very handsome, sweet men. We are so blessed to be so loved by you. I will say thank you until the day I die for being the best friend that you are & the partner you'll continue to be, & I will thank God every day for this life He designated for us.We have a perfect, healthy baby boy. He has every good part of each of us in him, & his love for us already makes me whole. Thank you for being our home. It is a dream to share this life and this child with you.

We love you, papa.

Photos by Nikki Santerre Photography