Sitting in Our Tree

Sitting in Our Tree 2.0

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Kelsey + Jared-66
Kelsey + Jared-66
Kelsey + Jared-71
Kelsey + Jared-71

It's been a little while, but we're back! & you're here! It's already a party!

We've been building this site little by little over the past 9 months, with the help of some amazing creatives to get it looking so fresh & so clean. Super huge thanks to Blogzilla for creating our sleek template, Amanda Krovic for our super cool new logo & Rachel Lyn Photography for our blog launch mini photoshoot (She gets extra points for capturing uspractically sitting in a tree, as seen above), & Anthropologie Penn Quarter for wardrobing Kelsey for our shoot!

FULL DISCLOSURE: We were hoping to get this new site launched at the end of the summer, when these photos of summer clothes made a lot more sense... But baby had other plans! In such a weird transition time of adjusting to pregnancy + all the glories of 1st trimester, freaking out a little bit about finding a new apartment (read: 2nd bedroom no longer optional) & keeping such a HUGE secret from the world, it felt like a better fit to unveil the new site & new tiny love all at the same time. Bear with us as we post some summertime photos & start getting caught up on the past few months of life things.

In addition to our fresh new look, we've also added new About & FAQs pages, so feel free to pop over to those pages for some extra updates. Let's get this one out of the way: Yes, the old site is still around, if you feel like flipping through 2011-2015 Bethunedom. It's right here.

We're definitely still figuring this new site out, but we're very excited to get back into the swing of the blogging biz, & OBVIOUSLY have some new & exciting things to share. Life is quite the adventure, isn't it?