Sitting in Our Tree

So long, 2016

-Kelsey BethuneComment

Well! To round this year's season of "Holidays, what holidays?" out, we did it! We moved! & survived! I am left marveling at my social media friends who are able to carry on with regular posts & photo-taking in the midst of moves, seemingly going from one put together home to the next. Our boxes have NOT magically unpacked, sadly, & I'm currently writing from bed because there isn't currently an outlet near enough to the couch nor a desk to work at. What a thing to whine about. This whole process has been slooooooow goin', since Jared is doing nearly 100% of the work while I try really hard to help & then end up regretting it. Moving while 6 months pregnant is definitely a "hahaha" worthy memory for years from now. This Christmas/December was not much different from last Christmas... With losing my grandmother so close to Christmas, it was just hard to get into the holiday spirit. I kept telling myself that after the two holiday parties that Tart hosts, Christmas would begin. Instead, I was in the car the day after the 2nd party, on my way to my parents with my sister, & then eventually to St. Louis for my grandmother's funeral. As soon as I got home, the packing game began, & Jared & I quickly adopted the mantra, "Next Christmas is going to be so awesome." Thanks to our dearest friends & family, our stuff was moved while I either guarded the moving truck or pointed at where a box should go.

But the new apartment is GREAT. I'm supposed to be working on our list of Things That Need to be Bought RIGHT NOW because our decor:furniture ratio is just a bit off. We emptied out our storage unit on Christmas morning (another "hahaha" worthy memory...) & were reacquainted with a plethora of things that really should have been tossed two years ago when we filled the thing, leading me to believe that this is a storage unit's only real purpose in life: Prolonging the eventual purging of things you don't actually need. Ahead of me today awaits 6 boxes marked "decor" that I just know are full of dried flowers, weird thrifted vintage glass, & at least one thing involving burlap. If anyone has 2010's phone number, please let me know so I can return all of its stuff. While our style has changed, I've also decided that interior design on a budget is, to me, 0% fun, so this should be really interesting. If you need me, I'll be sitting here waiting for nesting to kick in.

The real reason I popped in here was to say a fleeting farewell to 2016, which I'm hoping is the close of two very weird years in my life. Not to say that I WOULD have put together one of these crazy year in review posts like I used to (because they take no lie, like 8 hours to do), but even if I wanted to, I wouldn't have the photos or the blog posts to back the memories up. As a chronic memory hoarder, this actually pains me. I think it all started with our nice camera not working, followed by getting into the groove of Tart + part time job, completed by an overall sense of never-getting-it-together in our old, tiny apartment.

At any rate, with a babe on the way, I have no choice but to DO BETTER in 2017. I feel like this pregnancy has been to me how other women refer to their 2nd pregnancies... Time flies by, you don't have time to stop & enjoy the milestones, the monthly bump photos don't happen. With so many other baby announcements the past few months, it's been easy to feel like I'm doing it wrong. I start getting hivey about maternity photos & where to register & if I'm sharing too much or too little on social media. STUPID, right? Comparison & thief of joy & whatnot. I'm working on it. With 6 months of non-stop craziness behind me, I'm hoping/praying/wishing that 2017 brings a change of pace. That I can intentionally slow down & enjoy these last few months of just Jared & I, while oversharing baby gushing if I want darnit & preparing a home for this little one. So, there's my transparency.

2016, you were... Like one long breath being held. Whether it was Jared's intense jobsearch turned 24-hour job switch, pregnancy tests on the bathroom counter, part-time job quitting, insurance drama, sick relatives, election year craziness in the most political city in the country, or apartment hunting, this has been quite the year of bated breath. In part, I have to thank you, because this is the first year that I've truly understood & appreciated yoga. I'm also so glad to see you go only because I am so hopeful to see the fruit of what we've sewn over the past year.

So, in the midst of dramatic Facebook memes about what a rotten year you were, thank you! & cheers!

Cheers to a year of deepened friendships. To a healthy 1.9 lb acorn squash baby. To Snapchat filters & Instagram stories getting a liiiiittle better with every update. To safe travels to Atlanta & Canada & Seattle & New York & St. Louis & Nashville. To the ever growing Tart Event Co. To midwives & doulas & birthing technique research. To a new brother-in-law. To a husband that can make a mocktail as killer as his cocktails. To making this city feel a little smaller, & a little more like home.

See you in 2017, guys. Happy New Year!