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The Bethune Christmas Movie List

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Time for another movie list!

I first referenced our Christmas Movie Stack back in this post from 2013, which was actually our third year of "the stack." I can't believe that makes this our 7th married Christmas together. Myyyyyy how time flies. The story goes that after Thanksgiving, we pull out our stack of Christmas movies (we even keep them in a separate drawer from our other movies, ha), shuffle them a bit, & just pull the top movie to watch whenever we have a quiet night in for a movie. It's become a really lovely little tradition, & I think it will only get more fun as we add babies & their favorite Christmas movies to our family. The physical stack becomes more obsolete every year as we add streaming services & they add more popular Christmas movies, so I'm really glad to have an excuse to put all these titles in writing somewhere.

That being said, I also like to imagine Jared & I pulling out the ol' blu-ray player as our kids groan because we can all just connect our minds to the Amazon Hive to watch a movie together or something in 2027, & we're like, "Noo no, we're doing this old school just like we always do! Dad will find that remote eventually, be patient!" Then we open the DVD case & the DVD is missing & they groan again as I dive into the attic to because I just know I saw it recently. I mean, that sounds like the holidays, right?

Important things to know! I have never watched a Hallmark Christmas movie, we're not huge fans of the old school claymation Christmas movies (they terrify me, if I'm being honest), we'll watch pretty much anything they show on Turner Classic Movies, & I hated The Family Stone. Let that be your disclaimer as you decide whether this is a good fit for your movie preferences.



Dan in Real Life
This isn't a Christmas movie, but it is our tradition to watch this movie on Thanksgiving Eve with as many of my sisters as we can gather into the same room. I love this movie so, SO much, & even though it isn't *technically* about Thanksgiving, it feels like it & is such a perfect picture of family togetherness. It just gets ya in the mood for the big day.

This is our annual Christmas kickoff movie, which we usually watch after pie has been served on Thanksgiving night. It's a perfect way to ring in the Christmas season with the entire family gathered round.

Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas
I know this is a highly debated movie, but I love it so much, ha. I have at least three very important people in my life that can catch whatever Grinch quote I manage to throw into a conversation, & I think that's very important. Neither Jared nor I are huge fans of the traditional Grinch movie, but I think I may have forced this one on him at some point in our relationship. (Though I gotta tell ya, Benedict Cumberbatch's Grinch due out next year may unseat them all...)

Love Actually
*sigh* Listen, don't even with the articles about how this is actually a depressing, terrible move. I love it & will always cry at the airport scenes, & Liam Neeson deserves all the hugs because HE LIVED THIS MOVIE. The Prime Minister storyline is my favorite. The... uhhh... Martin Freeman storyline is Jared's.

While You Were Sleeping
This movie holds a super special place in our hearts, & it's just so sweet. Sandra Bullock & Bill Pullman are essentially the America's Sweetheart pairing of the century, so this is just a good one to curl up to with a cup of (almond milk) hot chocolate after the baby's in bed.

The Holiday
Just another solid, swoon-worthy chick flick. Did it ruin Mr. Brightside for me a little? Yeahhhh. But it's just the sweetest, happy-ending movie, with darling British babies & Jude Law in his prime. *meowwwww*

White Christmas
TO ME, this is the ultimate tree decorating movie. Hot chocolate #1, pick up tree, hot chocolate #2, decorate tree while watching White Christmas. Perfection.

The Muppet Christmas Carol
We've had a lot of Kelsey favorites on this list, so this one is a Jared movie. I don't actually like this movie. (I'm more of a Muppet Treasure Island kinda gal.) I don't think I've listened to the Scrooge/Rose duet since 1993 when I wasn't old enough to know how to fast forward on my own. But, it's fiiiine & Jared loves it, so we watch it... Because lord knows I make him watch all sorts of *my* movies.

Die Hard
Then we bring it back up with Die Hard. I know, I know. But I think it's just that halfway through December, we need a little break from the snow & eskimo kisses & syrupy sweetness. This is one that Jared brought into my life & I'm not mad about it.

Home Alone
A classic. This is usually one we watch pretty early on, even though now that we have our own kid, the brattiness of the characters in this movie is borderline overwhelming. But you know, it's worth it just for the final scene of Marc & Harry trying to break into the house. (Made better by this video.)

This is right up there with me calling You've Got Mail a fall movie. There's a couple Christmas scenes in this that forever made it a Christmas movie in young, impressionable Kelsey's head, but I love it enough not to care. It's a good one.

Just Friends
When you need a little dose of silly comedy, Ryan Reynolds, & okayfine some raunchy humor, look no further. It was on Netflix last year (not this year, sadly), & we probably watched it five times. I'm just saying, if you're tempted to watch like, Christmas with the the Cranks, don't. Watch this instead.

The Christmas Episodes of Frasier
Or any of your favorite shows, really. We've done this with Frasier, How I Met Your Mother, Doctor Who, The West Wing, & The Office. Hulu does a really great job of highlighting seasonal episodes if you scroll down far enough (What is Thanksgiving without a Slapsgiving marathon, amiright?) but save yourself some time & click HERE for the ultimate list of Christmas episodes of pretty much every show ever.

The Santa Clause
So, here's the thing about this movie. I always THINK I don't like it. But then we watch it, & it's pretty great. Not a must watch, annually, but a good one maybe every other year. (& hey, 1-3 are Netflix this year!)

A Charlie Brown Christmas
While we certainly don't watch this every year, I can already tell that it's going to become more of a staple now that there's a Crew Bear around. I hope he loves it so much... He already reminds me of Linus.

Meet Me in St. Louis
I have this random memory of my mom having this movie on while she was getting ready for the Christmas Eve service at church maybe only 8 or 9 years ago, & I just remember having to clean my face up before we left because of Judy singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. I've watched this movie my whole life (both my parents are from St. Louis) but it's just been an extra sweet movie to me since that year. I just sort of have to be in the mood to cry. The misty screen, & the snow, & her LIPS, & John... Ugh. Too much.

A Christmas Story
It cracks me up that this is aired for 24 hours on Christmas Eve, like the greatest American Rickroll that no one even talks about. Not Jared's favorite, but I like catching even 20-30 minutes of it at some point.

It's a Wonderful Life
Ohhhhh, Jimmy. While this is certainly not my favorite, it is Jared's, which makes for an interesting night whenever we decide to watch it. I like watching this on the days leading up to NYE, just as I start reminiscing the past year & dreaming of the new one. If nothing else, it's good perspective. Jared just adores Jimmy, & I can't blame him. Another cry-fest at the end, though. Phew.


I think that's about it! She said, as if she didn't just name practically every Christmas movie ever, We started off this month with Elf, The Grinch, Home Alone, & the Holiday... & of course watched White Christmas while decorating the tree tonight, so we're off to a good start. But we'll see; We have lots of travel ahead of us this month that may throw us off.

As a ps. I linked most of these to IMDB, only because it shows you where to watch/rent OR if any of these movies are going to be broadcast on TV any time soon... Which is nice, if you don't have $3.99 to blow on 15 movies in 31 days. Happy marathoning!