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Merry & Bright with Paper Culture

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Family photos by Chelsea Diane Photography

We continued one of our favorite holiday traditions this year by partnering up with a dear old friend & a new-to-us card company… & I’m really excited about both! We’ll share the rest of our photoshoot with Chelsea Diane Photography soon. There’s some real good ones.

This year we worked with Paper Culture after receiving a couple cards from friends using them last year, & I was completely sold on their mission. “Instead of cutting down forests to fill your order, we use post-consumer waste and wood alternatives. We offset the carbon footprint we create. We plant a tree with every order.”

We design for a world of trees, because we fear for a world without them.

& sure enough at the end of placing my order, I was immediately redirected to part of their site where we dedicated a tree planting to Crew. As we try to do our part to be a sustainable, recycling & eco-conscious family (& also set an example for Crew), this was a total match made in heaven.

As always, the hard part was picking a design, because Paper Culture has no shortage of good ones. We went with a Christmas themed card, but they have a great selection of holiday AND New Year’s cards also available. At one point, I had 12 tabs open with all viable options, but we narrowed it down to our pick. The winning selection features a really beautiful copper foil design, which just looks SO pretty with the colors Chelsea captured at the DC park we took our photos at. Paper Culture truly has really great modern designs, with something for everyone, whether you’re more inclined towards sleek & simple or bright & fun.

At this point, I will settle for nothing less than envelope addressing services, & Paper Culture’s was SO easy to use — In fact, the easiest I’ve come across to date. I keep my addresses in a spreadsheet that gets updated every year, & it took me less than 2 minutes to get it uploaded to their system. (Last year’s was a bit of a bear.) Their envelope designs are a mixture of options that range from adorable to classic to beautiful.

Family photos by Chelsea Diane Photography

Another year of cards are in the mailbox as we speak, & I’m so happy to continue this tradition. It’s so fun to flip through our collection & see how much we’ve grown - Both grown UP & in number. It also helps when you can put a curly-haired 19th-month-old front & center. Cuteness factor off the charts.

So grateful to Paper Culture for these cards! Head on over & check them out for any card needs you may have throughout the year that you’d like to put a sustainable spin on!

The Cards of Christmas Past